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The perfect return…

Thierry Henry, playing for Arsenal against Cha...

Thierry Henry, playing for Arsenal against Charlton Athletic

Thierry Henry returned to Arsenal on a two month loan from New York Red Bulls in their close season. Henry was a legend at Arsenal before leaving for Barcelona in 2009. With Henry on the pitch you knew there was always a chance. He had goals in his blood, if the ball dropped to him anywhere in the box, or outside for that matter, you could pretty much say goodbye to keeping a clean sheet. Tonight Henry was back in an Arsenal shirt at the grand age of 34. The Gunners were facing Leeds United in the Third round of the FA Cup, 60 minutes on the clock and it was possibly the most unentertaining cup game of the weekend, but then the introduction of Thierry Henry, now if that can’t liven up the match then I don’t know what will. As expected his introduction brought a big of jazz, if that’s even possible?

In less than 10 minuets guess who was breaking the deadlock and placing their name on the scoresheet? Yeah you got it, Thierry Henry!

For anyone who says he’s lost his class think again because Henry’s back.

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Tevez caught thoroughly offside

Carlos Tevez, oh Carlos where do I begin? For anyone that doesn’t follow football (soccer), Carlos Tevez is one of the highest paid players in the Premier League (English Football League) and is, well brilliant that can’t be denial. However, in many ways he is simply outrageous!


Man City welcomes Carlos Tévez to Manchester

Tevez picture used on billboard

In Manchester City’s recent Champions League match against Bayern Munich Tevez was asked by his manager to come on with around 30 minutes to go. For anyone that is at all interested in football they know that anything and I mean anything (being an Arsenal Fan) can happen in 30 minutes. Tevez refused to leave the bench. Now that’s just the same as your boss asking you to, let’s say, finish an article and you replying…’yeah, actually you know what, probably not this time actually but cheers anyway’!


Because we are decent individuals I hear you say? Maybe. But I believe the problem is a lot deepen that a stubborn man acting well below his age and even his shoe size. Footballers are paid such ridiculous wages that they feel untouchable and this is worrying for a society in decline. Tevez can sit on the bench each week and not have one kick of a ball and still earn £200k. (pause for effect) Yep that’s right probably more that we all earn a year! Well that sucks, agreed.

By refusing to play when asked by his manager Tevez has shown a massive lack of respect. He is a fantastic footballer and surely must love playing the beautiful game. Any fan would tell you how much they would love to be out on the big stage with their stars. So Tevez’s actions has not only let himself and his team-mates down but also the fans, his wage payers.

It is astonishing to see how celebrities have become so powerful. In today’s society celebrities can get away with nearly everything and it sets a really poor example for the youth who take a lot of stick.


Carlos Tévez


Should we let this lack of respect just go because he is a famous, desirable star or do we need to face up to the facts and challenge an overpaid celebrity with serious issues? Too harsh?

If Tevez would put all his energy into his gift from God then I would be his biggest fan but unfortunately his has assumed a position of superiority which frankly he hasn’t earnt and doesn’t deserve.

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Why I don’t care if Arsenal suffered their worst defeat since 1896

Arsenal crest

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Yes I must confess I am an Arsenal fan. And yes I must confess I couldn’t bring myself to watch the game that many have labelled an absolute, gut wrenchingly historic thrashing. I don’t care that my beloved team were destroyed for the whole world to see by their fierce rivals. I don’t care because it has forced a change and for the better. It sounds like a cliche but this game may be the turning point that brings an end to the trophy drought that has bogged the club down for so long now.

People love to criticise Arsenal for the way they play-it’s too one dimensional, lacks a plan B, not the singer of course, and a out an out strong winning mentality. I can see this is true to an extent but people forget the brilliance that is an on-song Arsenal team. They can be the best footballing team in the world and let’s be honest every team that plays football aims to play the beautiful game beautifully, or why bother.

Anyway I digress. The humiliating 8-2 defeat means that for the first real time Wenger and Arsenal had to accept defeat graciously and act, quickly as well. As the transfer window clock ticked on Wenger possibly pulled out some of his greatest genius from the hat. He moved to bring in older, wiser and more experienced players that will form the inner core of a new Arsenal team. A giant German centre back is about all many middle aged, true Arsenal fans have been dreaming of for the last few years. An experienced player like Mertesacker should never be brandished with the title ‘a panic buy’. Wenger has, for once it seems, brought in trusted players that will help Arsenal seriously challenge for trophies. And this is all thanks to United, something I thought I’d never hear myself say.

Wenger’s philosophy hasn’t been so much as proved wrong as right. He has sold quality players that he has made and sculpted for a massive profit and brought in assured players to replace. Classic Wenger masterclass I would say but then again I may be slightly bias.

With the new look Arsenal team on show I can only thank United for their performance on the weekend and hope it will be the last of its kind. Arsenal are back with vengeance and will surprise many onlookers this season. A good bottom smacking can only make one stronger I say, but please don’t quote me on that!

The damage of defeat has been inflicted and a wounded Arsenal so often accused of sulking have moved swiftly to strengthen their ranks. Something Arsenal fans have been yearning for and so I suppose I can only thank Manchester United for their heroic display last weekend.

In Wenger I trust.

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