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An Absolute Horo Show

Astrological clock at Venice

Astrological clock at Venice

Horoscopes; a future telling forecast of your life according to your star sign which is categorised by the month you are born in. So logically the predication is going to be bang on! The idea of reading a forecast of my life that is based on my star sign, whatever that really means, is less than attractive. How low have people’s self respect got for them to think, ‘yeah, actually, I will read a fictional forecast to enlighten me to what will happen in my train-crash of a life’?

As most people, sane ones, would agree that as human beings we are all individuals, there are no two humans the same, like snowflakes. So with this in mind we have to ask why a generic 100word prediction of your week will be of any use whatsoever to anyone? With maybe thousands of readers it would be nothing short of a miracle if the horoscope related to one person’s week in the slightest.

As you may have realised I not a massive fan of horoscopes, funnily enough. They just remind me of a bad horror story; you shall have a bad experience but then love shall be around the corner, oh really will it? I just don’t understand why people put their faith in a prediction that may just happen to have no relation to their life, whatsoever.

Maybe I’m being harsh and horoscopes are a harmless piece of writing aimed to fill people with confidence that their life really isn’t that bad. Yeah, that’s what it is, just a piece of writing not aiming to get poor, low esteemed individuals addicted to reading their predication on the off chance it might say something nice will happen. No it’s not like horoscopes are trying to con people into becoming reliant on reading them to survive this harsh world where ‘love is never too far away’. Eugh, ok, I can’t even be positive about what their aims might be, I just detest them. Seems rather forward but I just don’t really see the point in them, sorry.

I did hear, sources may not be reliable, that the previous French national football team coach Raymond Domenech would pick his starting line up depending on their star signs. Call me liberal but that sounds like a horrific idea. No wonder the French team had some less than successful times under Domenech.

The example above shows how extreme the impact of horoscopes can be on people’s lives, even ones in positions of power which slightly scares me. I hope no one told Boris Johnson about these things!

I suppose what I’m getting at is that life is something that is unpredictable in a nasty as well as brilliant way. Can we ever hope to plan our way through life? I would argue no, because well, it’s pretty impossible. What makes life a joyous experience is that it has so many twists and turns that sometimes what you thought was the worst thing in the world, at the time, has given you the good times you may now be in. Life is a gift and it’s in our hands, the world is ours to live, love, hate and even taste. So why would you want to pin your life to a prediction that is so broad it could fit multiple bags of beans across it (anyone get the pun?), it will only lead to a unsatisfied lifestyle craving that unrealistic target.

To sum up quite magnificently; don’t waste your time waiting for someone to tell you how to live, just do it, you were born to do it. I feel like this got unnecessarily deep, I feel like a ‘life coach’ or something which doesn’t suit well, horrible business! I seem to have so bogged down in my dislike for horoscopes I have given in to emotional guidance for life, please don’t take any notice it’s probably a load of rubbish. I suppose after this I could be accused of writing a dumbed down version of a horoscope, if possible, therefore I should remind you that I’m a student and life is just one big lie-in, trust.

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Politicians: How about the truth this time?

Image of the front door of Number 10 Downing S...

Number 10 Downing Street

Now when I say the truth I mean the real truth, the one that isn’t a lie. You may be thinking, well obviously the truth is not a lie, and is there even such a thing as the ‘real truth’ because surely by definition the truth is real truth anyway. Besides giving myself a headache I’m come to the conclusion I’m talking rubbish: normality resumes. This article however, has got some point to it, whether you will be able to extract it is another matter all together, but we’ll have a go.

What the introduction was meant to state, but failed miserably, was that politicians are well overdue in telling us the truth, the real truth that is! In other words politicians are made of some crafty stuff, for sure. I was watching the News when it hit me; you rarely ever get the truth out of a politician and it’s like getting the truth out of Pinnochio, damn difficult, I think, isn’t it?

It really is no coincidence that as soon as the governmental flavour of the month is voted into power they begin their landslide into a pit of hate from their own voters. This amazing feat is repeated pretty much election after election, but for some reason everyone just seems to buy into it and vote for the ones they used to hate four years ago? Strange.

What annoys me most is that for some reason these same politicians believe they have some ‘get-out-of-jail-free-card’ for telling the truth. You have to give them some credit though, they give a masterclass in avoiding saying anything of any relevance to the probing question posed. Interview after interview, whatever the question the reply always seems to be along the lines of…’well what our government is doing, which I personally supported, is to provide economic growth to a country left in ruins by the previous (add formally elected party name here) government.’ Voila call me a politician and vote me into Parliament!

So why don’t they tell the truth anymore? Are their minds and hearts so scarred by the world of politics they have become immune to the notion of truth? I doubt it, but only just. They don’t tell us what is really happening and what is really going on because they know they can get away with not telling us. We just happily let them pull the wool over our eyes, but why?

I think it’s because so many people have lost faith in politicians they just don’t care what they say anymore, they just know it’s something that resembles a big fat lie. The real question we have to ask is why are the elect elite so untrustworthy? That we even have to pose this question is a good indication that something somewhere has gone horribly wrong. We, as a society, have become so fickle and judgemental that we form so many of our views on what that guy said in that newspaper; which, for anyone that didn’t catch on is a rubbish way to form a view. We support this MP because of this but hate this MP because of that, but isn’t the difference so marginal? I am opening myself up to some hideous political naivety, I apologise. But I think maybe we are the ones who have forced politicians into a truth-less, lie defining, parasitic existence (I added the last bit for affect, too much? Yeah, ‘parasitic’ was a bit harsh and pretty meaningless in this context too but roll with it, thanks)

Running the country must be no mean feat and how we haven’t all started attacking each other with pitchforks yet would suggest it’s going pretty well in my book. You can never please everyone, that is for sure. Shut down the animal testing centre and you please the animal rights activists but annoy the scientist who lose their jobs. Politicians are frightfully worried about votes, which makes sense. But because we despise and abandon so quickly, we cause politicians to turn to lies so to hide the truth that will only make us switch our allegiance, again.

So we conclude that politicians lie to us to stop us from turning to the opposing party, who they believe will do us more harm and damage our precious lives immeasurably, so it’s kind of sweet that politicians avoid telling us the truth. Oh don’t be silly that’s a stupid idea, their just bad sports, liars too!

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