The Poetry Pile

Hey you, yeah you….you’ve just stumbled upon The Poetry Pile, (I know like crazy right?) which is quite simply very exciting, so get excited! Your now excited, good. Now immerse yourselves in the wonderful jumble of words I claim to be poetry. Voila!

On the Ninth Day of Christmas…

Today is my ninth post and I thought I’d leave you a little poem to help you all feel that Christmas cheer.

Snow is falling

The Big day is dawning

Have you been good or have you been bad?

And what the hell do you get for your dad?

Mince pies in the oven

Mistletoe adds a bit of lovin’

Snow is falling

Everybody’s snoring

That has been your daily fix of Christmas.

A Flying Force

The monster throws back its delirious head

Eyes roll and slam shut it is said

Its whole body creaks to a tense stop

The whistling suction of breath fills it to a pop

Slimy mouth thrown wide

Arms go flailing beside

Here it comes with a AHHHH CHOOOOOOO

Head bolts forward closing in on you

Mucus catapults absolutely everywhere

The man just sneezed so please don’t stare

A Waterfall of sorts

A thundering fountain

Careering off a mountain

Pounding and drilling its way into the water

Pummelling with vengeance like torture

Thickening roars sound around

As spray soars from deep down

And that’s a human being

Just a man peeing.


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