I am a University student interested in writing and decided it was time to unleash my thoughts and opinions on the world in the form of a blog. Why bother I hear you say? Well good question because let’s be honest it’s a miracle if you’ve stumbled across my site and actually taken the time to read this. Anyway, I hope to post about issues in the news and that interest me personally. So stay tuned for some insightful writing, ha who am I kidding I’m a student.

Why not pop on over to my new News blog- The Joe Blogs



6 thoughts on “About

  1. andyboy says:

    The age of miracles has not yet passed!

    Good luck with the blog. You can checkout mine – but I fear we are not on the same wavelength.

    All the best

  2. debbie says:

    You are funny…lol I am sure your work will be insightful; because you will be writing on issues that are important to you. I enjoy writing too; for me it is therapuedic; I am a new blogger, and also a student – a psych major. You can have a look at

    All the best in your writing adventure. I will swing by your blog and add a comment or two for support….how’s that?… 🙂

  3. debbie says:

    Oh oh..”.therapeutic”…lol…lol. S
    orry about that my fingers want to do their own thing.

  4. WriteWriter says:

    Thanks Debbie! I think you should only ever write about things that interest you, otherwise how are you ever going to interest your reader?
    Brilliant, I’m a big fan of students, being one of course.
    Dropping by and reading, and more importantly commenting would be fantastic, thank you. ‘Talking with Debbie’ looks great as well, I’ll be sure to scribble down some comments over there too!

  5. Hi WW, We have a newly launched blog, takingonthegiant.com about young people, past and present who change the world. I want to follow your fine blog and hope you might be interested in following ours. We have landed into the middle of a big story and we thought you might like to become involved. Last year, Anjali Appadurai, a student at The College of the Atlantic, managed to address all the senior delegates at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change which was held in South Africa. Her brief, awesome speech got world-wide attention. But since the simple clear voice of a youth severely challenged the delegates in a way some of the more powerful members did not want to hear, at this year’s Conference in Doha, Qatar, Anjali has been kicked out. This the student who has been dubbed the youth voice of civil society. Imagine, being over in the Middle East, thousands of miles from home and being intimidated by Security officials. But she has kept her cool and the youth there supporting her have written a polite letter demanding her reinstatement. However, if Anjali is not reinstated, there most certainly will be an effort to mobilize young people around the world to support her. If you could take three minutes and link to her speech from last year and decide if you don’t agree that she is a powerful voice representing the youth of the world: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ko3e6G_7GY4. If you do agree with us, (and tens of thousands of others) consider doing a story either by linking to our website (or just steal from it, we don’t care) to inform and involve your considerable followers. Young people dream of a better world but worry that it might not be… this is a way they can act on their dreams. If you have any question, we would be happy to provide any assistance possible.
    Charlie Butts

  6. Hey Charlie, that’s a lot of info all at once! Interesting story, sounds like a positive movement you’ve got there.
    I’m just starting up my new blog which is a news blog that provides personal opinions and humour to complement the joys of current affairs. So collaborating would be pretty cool, give me a message about more specific things here at the new blog page-

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