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Is Sport ever sporting?

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John Terry

With Wimbledon well and truly over the sporting world’s eye turns to the court case between John Terry and Anton Ferdinand. After such a smoothly run tournament, Wimbledon once again comes out looking like the perfect child. Football, on the other hand, comes out kicking and screaming, fully keeping its ugly stereotype intact.

But its not just football that has an ugly side, sport in general is pretty horrible. Serena Williams, the golden girl of wimbledon 2012, displayed her less than pleasant side in the 2011 US Open Final, when verbally abusing an umpire. Why is it that people in the public eye so disappointing? Well because there just humans after all, the real disappointment is that people actually look up to these, so called sporting heroes.

It was nice to be able to celebrate a successful tournament in Wimbledon and to fairly congratulate the winners for their tremendous effort. But within a blink of an eye our attention is rudely drawn back to a less than celebratory characteristic of sport. John Terry’s on-going racism trial optimises how sport is a game of two halves, there is the good and the bad. Terry may be a fantastic footballer but that does not in any way qualify him for being a fantastic person, sadly.

The trial has helped to heap on the negative stereotypes that surround football at the best of times. It has revealed a little more of the dark side of sport that no one wants to witness, especially with the Olympics on our doorstep. We can only hope that justice is done, whatever the outcome, and the media don’t sink their unrelenting teeth into Terry’s trial and shake it all over the Olympics’ parade. This summer should be a showcase of the best of sport, so can everyone for once just be set and on their marks for good behaviour?

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On the Tenth Day of Christmas…

So this is my tenth post of my Twelve Days of Christmas series and I’m going to be honest I haven’t got anything really significant to write about, apologies. I’m feeling Christmassy and the Christmas tree is looking lovely, it’s lit up and decked out with decorations, but nothing in my day has made me want to write a Christmassy post.

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Christmas Time

Today I went back to my part time job which is just a holiday job in-between uni terms and I had forgotten how much I dislike working. Now, I don’t mind the people I work with, they’re actually really nice. But, it’s just so boring and causes so much stress for so little pay…but hey ho that’s life!

The worst news I found out today and something that has put a downer on my whole day was this…now brace yourselves because it’s heartbreaking news, indeed it is.

So here we go…I found out that I have to work Boxing Day! YEAH! That’s right, Boxing Day, it sucketh! I know people have much worse jobs and have to work Christmas day and all that jazz, but working in a part time job in retail, I just think what’s the point? Why can’t people go shopping on the 27th instead?

It’s Christmas time, so I shouldn’t moan but I would like my company to realise they have ruined, yes ruined my Christmas. Cheers!

And that has been your daily fix of Christmas.

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Serena Williams’ outrageous outburst!


Serena Williams at the 2008 Wimbledon Champion...

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Serena Williams, oh dear. I have to admit I’m not a massive follower of tennis but I take a keen interest in Wimbledon and have grown up with the Williams sisters at the forehead of women’s tennis. I am a big supporter of both of them and what they have achieved in their respective careers is absolutely fantastic for any sports person. To me they seemed true sportswomen-hungry, hardworking, dedicated and damn good! Now as I said I’m not too hot on tennis so my opinions maybe slightly out of place but I want to focus on Serena Williams outburst in the US Open Final 2011.

YouTube clip of the US Open Final-Williams vs Stosur

It was just  embarrassing to watch such a celebrated athletic turn to such childish behaviour in her anger. I can sympathise and understand Williams’ annoyance with the decision in such a high profile game. However, you have to remember that she brought the decision upon herself by acting in a unsporting manner by calling out ‘come on’ before the point was actually hers. Arguably this could have put her opponent off and the Umpire, playing by the rules, had to give the point to Stosur because she touched the ball.

Personally I feel disappointed that Williams lowered herself to this level, she has an amazing record in championships and has the ability to win more but losing her temper so publicly has made a mockery of her past successes.

Sports personal who are watched with a beady eye by the media need to understand their responsibility to lead by example. Sport has a massive influence on young children and celebrities need to be big enough to control their actions, they certainly have a big enough pay check to persuade them.

The worse thing for me was that Williams was obviously so furious with the decision she insulted the Umpire and judged her as an inferior. More and more celebrities from all backgrounds see themselves as untouchable and take no responsibility for their actions. Williams called the Umpire a ‘loser and unattractive inside’ which has nothing to do with the game and was unnecessary. It made her opponent look like a worthy winner and a respectable sports-women unlike the blustering Williams.

This pathetic outburst from a player I have a lot of respect for has really made me think again about Williams’ attitude. She should be rejoiced for what she is brilliant at; tennis, but I fear this needless outburst will linger like an unpleasant smell over her remaining years at the top of world tennis.

If we can learn anything from this, it is that we should all be gracious winners, and losers whatever our circumstance or situation.

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Why I don’t care if Arsenal suffered their worst defeat since 1896

Arsenal crest

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Yes I must confess I am an Arsenal fan. And yes I must confess I couldn’t bring myself to watch the game that many have labelled an absolute, gut wrenchingly historic thrashing. I don’t care that my beloved team were destroyed for the whole world to see by their fierce rivals. I don’t care because it has forced a change and for the better. It sounds like a cliche but this game may be the turning point that brings an end to the trophy drought that has bogged the club down for so long now.

People love to criticise Arsenal for the way they play-it’s too one dimensional, lacks a plan B, not the singer of course, and a out an out strong winning mentality. I can see this is true to an extent but people forget the brilliance that is an on-song Arsenal team. They can be the best footballing team in the world and let’s be honest every team that plays football aims to play the beautiful game beautifully, or why bother.

Anyway I digress. The humiliating 8-2 defeat means that for the first real time Wenger and Arsenal had to accept defeat graciously and act, quickly as well. As the transfer window clock ticked on Wenger possibly pulled out some of his greatest genius from the hat. He moved to bring in older, wiser and more experienced players that will form the inner core of a new Arsenal team. A giant German centre back is about all many middle aged, true Arsenal fans have been dreaming of for the last few years. An experienced player like Mertesacker should never be brandished with the title ‘a panic buy’. Wenger has, for once it seems, brought in trusted players that will help Arsenal seriously challenge for trophies. And this is all thanks to United, something I thought I’d never hear myself say.

Wenger’s philosophy hasn’t been so much as proved wrong as right. He has sold quality players that he has made and sculpted for a massive profit and brought in assured players to replace. Classic Wenger masterclass I would say but then again I may be slightly bias.

With the new look Arsenal team on show I can only thank United for their performance on the weekend and hope it will be the last of its kind. Arsenal are back with vengeance and will surprise many onlookers this season. A good bottom smacking can only make one stronger I say, but please don’t quote me on that!

The damage of defeat has been inflicted and a wounded Arsenal so often accused of sulking have moved swiftly to strengthen their ranks. Something Arsenal fans have been yearning for and so I suppose I can only thank Manchester United for their heroic display last weekend.

In Wenger I trust.

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