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Theatre, dead? Surely not!

Been to the theatre recently? The likelihood is probably not especially if you’re not a middle aged, middle class, white, male. It can be argued that the theatre is just as elitist as ever, especially in the current economic climate. Going to the theatre can be an expensive and slightly daunting task. From the outset the theatre seems to have lost the battle to other art forms most evident is the cinema. However, the curtains haven’t yet closed on the theatre.

Theatre is a changing art form. It is continually developing and moving with the times. A great example is the Edinburgh festival, which displays so many inventive theatre performances that are using modern technology to appeal to a younger audience.

Theatre has unfortunately, and unfairly attained negative connotations due to its perceived old-fashioned style and continuous link to Shakespeare. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as Shakespeare really comes alive on stage. However, it must be brought to attention that there are so many young exciting theatre companies gaining real momentum. These groups are moving away from the end-on theatre and using different staging techniques such as site-specific, where the performance takes place out of the theatre.

The techniques mentioned above are most certainly bringing theatre alive to a wider audience and although there is a long way to go, surely theatre will never cease to exist.

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Gary Speed Passes Away


02/09/11 Wales V Montenegro, Euro 2012 qualify...

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Upon hearing the death of Gary Speed, a legend in British football on and off the pitch, it really made me think  how precious life is. At any moment we could be facing our last with absolutely no clue. I suppose this cruelly shows how life can never be taken for granted. With today’s expectations Speed was simply too young to die. We all expect to live on and on into our 80s at least, but in reality we have no control at all over our most defining principal: life.

The news was such a shock that it has made me realise that life should never be abused and that to live every day like your last would really be a great act. Love, care, pray and give to others as you would hope to receive could make each life on this earth as special and miraculous as its existence is.

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A Flying Force

The monster throws back its delirious head

Eyes roll and slam shut it is said

Its whole body creaks to a tense stop

The whistling suction of breath fills it to a pop

Slimy mouth thrown wide

Arms go flailing beside

Here it comes with a AHHHH CHOOOOOOO

Head bolts forward closing in on you

Mucus catapults absolutely everywhere

The man just sneezed so please don’t stare

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A Waterfall of sorts

A thundering fountain

Careering off a mountain

Pounding and drilling its way into the water

Pummelling with vengeance like torture

Thickening roars sound around

As spray soars from deep down

And that’s a human being

Just a man peeing.



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