Gary Speed Passes Away


02/09/11 Wales V Montenegro, Euro 2012 qualify...

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Upon hearing the death of Gary Speed, a legend in British football on and off the pitch, it really made me think  how precious life is. At any moment we could be facing our last with absolutely no clue. I suppose this cruelly shows how life can never be taken for granted. With today’s expectations Speed was simply too young to die. We all expect to live on and on into our 80s at least, but in reality we have no control at all over our most defining principal: life.

The news was such a shock that it has made me realise that life should never be abused and that to live every day like your last would really be a great act. Love, care, pray and give to others as you would hope to receive could make each life on this earth as special and miraculous as its existence is.

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2 thoughts on “Gary Speed Passes Away

  1. Pete Howorth says:

    Woman 1: You could tell he was going to do it because he was playing with his wedding ring on that interview.
    Woman 2: Yeah either that or it was a sex game gone wrong.

    This is what I had to listen to for 20 minutes this morning at work, stupid tarts. Damn shame and quite the mystery he didn’t seem like a man who would take his own life nor participate in any sorded sex game…

  2. joejames93 says:

    Ah some people have ridiculous views! What I can’t understand is how normal he seemed on TV the day before. A really awful situation. He has left so much behind, not just his family and friends but all he influenced in football.

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