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On the Twelfth Day of Christmas…

christmas 2007

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And this, my dear friends is the last post in my Twelve Days of Christmas series, otherwise, I suppose it wouldn’t be a Twelve Days series, would it? So get prepared because hopefully this post will get you all festive for the big day…

So, I finally thought that I should get down to some serious Christmas shopping. After my last shift for Christmas I headed off into the treacherous, swarming town. It was a dangerous task and one I was uncertain I would succeed in. Town was busy and as you know I hate a busy town…

I cannot begin to explain how horrible the shops were, they were crawling with people. I thought ‘sod this’, but then I remembered I only have one more day to get this shopping done and that’s Christmas eve, and I already decided I wanted to do absolutely nothing all day Christmas eve. So with this in mind I trunched off into the heart of the shops and grabbed the first things I thought may be appropriate and took them to the tills and scarpered off home.

The feeling of knowing that I don’t have to face these Christmas shopping nightmares is a good feeling, indeed. Now, all I can do is relax and enjoy Christmas, not bad ey?

So all I can do now is wish you all a very merry Christmas and thank you for supporting my Twelve Days series. I leave you with the hope that this Christmas you all remember the real message, that God sent his only Son to earth as a loving gift to save us.

And that has been your final daily fix of Christmas.

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On the Tenth Day of Christmas…

So this is my tenth post of my Twelve Days of Christmas series and I’m going to be honest I haven’t got anything really significant to write about, apologies. I’m feeling Christmassy and the Christmas tree is looking lovely, it’s lit up and decked out with decorations, but nothing in my day has made me want to write a Christmassy post.

A gathering of Carol Singers in front of the C...

Christmas Time

Today I went back to my part time job which is just a holiday job in-between uni terms and I had forgotten how much I dislike working. Now, I don’t mind the people I work with, they’re actually really nice. But, it’s just so boring and causes so much stress for so little pay…but hey ho that’s life!

The worst news I found out today and something that has put a downer on my whole day was this…now brace yourselves because it’s heartbreaking news, indeed it is.

So here we go…I found out that I have to work Boxing Day! YEAH! That’s right, Boxing Day, it sucketh! I know people have much worse jobs and have to work Christmas day and all that jazz, but working in a part time job in retail, I just think what’s the point? Why can’t people go shopping on the 27th instead?

It’s Christmas time, so I shouldn’t moan but I would like my company to realise they have ruined, yes ruined my Christmas. Cheers!

And that has been your daily fix of Christmas.

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On the Seventh Day of Christmas…

Here it is, the Seventh post in my Twelve Days of Christmas series and yes it’s about the Nativity. The Nativity is one of the most important features of Christianity and also it’s a great story.

English: Nativity scene on the Buenos Aires Me...

The Nativity

I’m writing this because today I went to a Nativity service which was brilliant. It was a really nice service which only added to my Christmas feeling. First, I should explain that the service consisted of the story of the nativity retold and acted out by the children of the church. There is just something amusing about seeing young children attempting with all their might to remember what they have to do next, but still having absolutely no clue about what’s going on. The service was well executed and knowing many of the parents I could see how proud they were of their ‘little ones’.

Children really love Christmas and I mean, really love Christmas. I know this because I was a child once and believe me I loved Christmas. It’s a great time of year but unfortunately so many children simply get spoilt rotten which ruins the real meaning of Christmas, which under Christianity states, Jesus came to earth in the form of a baby as a loving gift from God to save mankind. We give gifts at Christmas to replicate this act of love, or so the tradition probably started anyway. And so a gift is a sign of love which is given without any expectation of a return gift or favour, but out of the goodness of our hearts. We should remember this Christmas that it’s not what we expect to receive, but what we can freely give that matters. The saying ‘It’s the thought that counts’ really does ring true.

That has been your daily fix of Christmas, bonne nuit.

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On the Second Day of Christmas…

That’s right today is the second day of posting in my Twelve Days of Christmas and I can literally hear the excitement from all you lovely readers. So today I’m keeping it Christmassy and what’s more Christmassy than snow? Probably a few things but forget that for a moment because first I’m going to update you all on the carol service I went to yesterday.

So as you may know, yesterday I went to Canterbury Cathedral Carol Service which was, lovely! Bit of a soppy word to use but the whole thing was well organised and well executed. The carols were brilliant, especially when accompanied by the organ and choir who were fantastic. Well, to tell you the truth I’m running out of decent adjectives to describe how good the service was! And yes, I am now feeling all Christmassy. So it really is true, going to a carol service gets you in the Christmas mood.

English: Snow on the mountains of Southern Cal...

Image via Wikipedia

Right, so I thought I would now move on to the very important topic of snow as mentioned before. Snow. Ah yes we all want a White Christmas don’t we? I’ve never experience a true white Christmas myself which does sadden me considerably. There is just something magical about when it starts to snow near Christmas, everyone suddenly falls in love and becomes incredibly friendly and humane and children play in the streets and…hang on, maybe that’s only in films….

When England has snow and this isn’t often but when it does the whole country draws to a standstill. No matter who you are nothing can be done when there is snow in England, we simply can’t function when that stuffs about. Delivery? Woah are you crazy? In this weather? I don’t think so! School? In this weather? Hell no! Public transpor….ok you get the picture.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that I love snow very much, I really do, and would love to finally have a White Christmas. But, and here’s the but. It would ruin everything, families would not be able to reunite due to the conditions, people would be stranded alone, the list continues. It’s not really a great image of Christmas, a time for family and celebration.

So I’m left with a dilemma; do I want snow or not this Christmas time? There are sacrifices both ways and as you can tell this is an incredibly important topic and no hasty decision can be made, so I’ll get back to you about it tomorrow.

This has been your daily fix of Christmas, let me know what you think. Ho Ho Ho…nah that just sounds creepy when you read it…

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On the First Day of Christmas….

So here starts my Twelve Days of Christmas. No fear I won’t start a ridiculously repetitive song and make you sing along with me until we die of boredom or lack of breath. This post commences my own, personal Twelve Days of Christmas, which in it’s most boring form is a post a day for twelve days taking us up to Christmas day. Wow that was a lot of ‘days’. My posts, as you will hopefully discover, are Christmas related and although absolutely no planning has gone into this, I hope to have a concise Christmas theme to each post. In an ideal world these posts would bring festive joy and peace and love to the blogging world but let’s be honest that’s probably not going to happen. Right, heave ho’ off we go into a land of fun Christmas time, stuff….

Canterbury Cathedral

Image by webmink via Flickr

DAY ONE-Boom the need for capitals is debatable but I went there so, deal with it? Day one is today, the 12/12/11, ha look at that, this time next year it will be 12/12/12. Anyway…!

Today I hoped to begin feeling that Christmas vibe so I decided to listen to Rage Against the MachineKilling In The Name, yeah, it didn’t really help if I’m honest.

On a more serious note today I am hoping to get that Christmas feeling pumping through my body because, this evening I will be attending, brace yourselves, Canterbury Cathedral Carol Service. It is going to be brilliant! The Cathedral is beautiful without the addition of angelic voices and candles, that’s right candles and loads of them.

I’m pretty excited to go to such a historic building especially at this time of year. The Cathedral, as you can see from the picture, is a wonderful building especially at night. The heart of the city and a great landmark to start the celebration of Christmas. A good old carol service does wonders to get you in the Christmas mood. Well, I hope it does anyway. I will keep you informed as to whether it was successful in bringing out that Christmas joy in me or not tomorrow. So just another reason to be here tomorrow for the second post of Christmas.

And so this brings to a close my first post of the Twelve Days of Christmas, if you thought it was rubbish then I assure you it will get better and if you thought it was great then I can assure you it will get even greater! Merry Christmas.

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