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Ciao England, Good-day Wimbledon

Court No.1, Wimbledon, 2004 Photo by Alexander...

Court No.1, Wimbledon, 2004

Last night England were duly dumped out of the Euros by Italy, no real surprise there. What is surprising is that before every championship English football fans have a delightful ignorance, they believe that somehow, logic and all sense forgotten, that this year is our year, football is coming home. This blind faith is short lived and it is not long before everyone realises that the English football team, unfortunately, just doesn’t play as well as many others, especially the ones in the knockout stages. And so with their pride in shreds the English fans crawl home, taking a little compensation in the fact England are still the best team in the United Kingdom.

With the football hooligans passed out in their local, their sorrows well and truly drowned along with their livers, a new crowd emerges from the woodwork. This is no ordinary crowd, no common patriotic skinhead, this is the Wimbledon faithful. A whole class of their own, an opinionated, caesar salad eating, Ralph Lauren wearing bunch capable of making any man feel utterly insignificant.

Cardigans tied over shoulders, Pimms in hand this is simple the best of Britain. The start of Wimbledon means three things: sun, tight skirts and a whole lot of tennis, what’s not to like about that. By the end of the two weeks the nation is captivated with tennis, although serving is a pain in the behind, we all love a spot of tennis with the chums. Wimbledon helps to define Britain, it is a little bit of our history and a whole lot of our excitement. Us Brits love a good tournament to unite us, especially when the football team left many feeling rather melancholy. Any excuse to show the world how to host a tournament is gobbled up, politely of course, by our jovial Wimbledonians.

It is with pride that many tune in to the wonder that is Wimbledon, for two weeks Britain is again in the spotlight.

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On the Second Day of Christmas…

That’s right today is the second day of posting in my Twelve Days of Christmas and I can literally hear the excitement from all you lovely readers. So today I’m keeping it Christmassy and what’s more Christmassy than snow? Probably a few things but forget that for a moment because first I’m going to update you all on the carol service I went to yesterday.

So as you may know, yesterday I went to Canterbury Cathedral Carol Service which was, lovely! Bit of a soppy word to use but the whole thing was well organised and well executed. The carols were brilliant, especially when accompanied by the organ and choir who were fantastic. Well, to tell you the truth I’m running out of decent adjectives to describe how good the service was! And yes, I am now feeling all Christmassy. So it really is true, going to a carol service gets you in the Christmas mood.

English: Snow on the mountains of Southern Cal...

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Right, so I thought I would now move on to the very important topic of snow as mentioned before. Snow. Ah yes we all want a White Christmas don’t we? I’ve never experience a true white Christmas myself which does sadden me considerably. There is just something magical about when it starts to snow near Christmas, everyone suddenly falls in love and becomes incredibly friendly and humane and children play in the streets and…hang on, maybe that’s only in films….

When England has snow and this isn’t often but when it does the whole country draws to a standstill. No matter who you are nothing can be done when there is snow in England, we simply can’t function when that stuffs about. Delivery? Woah are you crazy? In this weather? I don’t think so! School? In this weather? Hell no! Public transpor….ok you get the picture.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that I love snow very much, I really do, and would love to finally have a White Christmas. But, and here’s the but. It would ruin everything, families would not be able to reunite due to the conditions, people would be stranded alone, the list continues. It’s not really a great image of Christmas, a time for family and celebration.

So I’m left with a dilemma; do I want snow or not this Christmas time? There are sacrifices both ways and as you can tell this is an incredibly important topic and no hasty decision can be made, so I’ll get back to you about it tomorrow.

This has been your daily fix of Christmas, let me know what you think. Ho Ho Ho…nah that just sounds creepy when you read it…

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English weather: consistently inconsistent and I love it!

English: Track to Malham Tarn in appalling wea...

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Everybody always says that English people are obsessed with the weather. Well you can’t blame us, it’s dead exciting! It would be folly to presume that just because our calendars swing on to the glorious pages of August that our weather should assume a sunny outlook.

Each year in late May and early June the sun pays a complementary visit and lifts the British hopes of a ‘hot summer’. Each year we thing, maybe, just maybe this year is our year! Men and women all over the country start to finds themselves with sweaty palms and a crook in their neck from anxious glances towards the window. ‘Yes, this year we have all the right signs for a good long, hot summer’ people are heard to say again and again. Hmm, yeah about that! Well it never seems to develop does it? No, because that would be nice and enjoyable and after all this time haven’t we learnt that the British don’t deserve anything nice?

So every year we are left downcast and on the point of upping right here and now and moving abroad to somewhere ‘hot’. Let’s be honest that’s anywhere, even Ireland would do! But we don’t and why I hear you ask? Because we are British and we’re bonkers. In all reality we love waking up and checking the window with trepidation, switching on the TV just for the morning weather report and continually seeking out the met office website throughout our unpredictable day. Never in England can you presume that tomorrow will be a warm, sunny dry day. Oh no.

I like the uncertain weather. I would hate to feel I could never waste a good day’s weather and that tomorrow will be just the same. If it’s a good day in England then you grab it with both hands and shake it into submission,quite literally. Lovely weather everyday for nearly half the year would drive me to insanity, ok that’s a bit extreme, a good tan, maybe. However, diversity is what keeps English people sane. As long as the weather never stays the same we can continue to moan and groan, something that keeps us happy and constantly at war with the skys. What else would we fill our summer time with if it wasn’t venting our growing anger at the darkening rain clouds gathering solely over our heads?

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