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Public Transport: where did it all go wrong?

Hopping on the bus to work the other day cost me a whopping £3.20. Fares these days are rising like unemployment, that’s stupidly high for anyone that didn’t grasp my poor attempt at a political gibe.

Standard class interior of National Express Ea...

Wishful thinking!

Now I know we are in a recession, which means we have to pay more for absolutely everything, which I don’t really understand, but we’ll skip over that as it’s the first of many. So with this philosophy it is expected that one should pay more for bus fares, naturally. It’s not like the recession means we have less dollar in our back pocket at all, grab away government it’s all good here, no worries we got your back!

Anyway, with all this complaining I am starting to sound far too similar to someone well matured in the fine wine that is life. And so before I bore you all into thinking that public transport isn’t quite as bad as this article I return to our subject matter: public transport. You find yourself sitting on a packed, rickety old bus smelling something like a cesspit that’s been flooded by Stella, wondering, where did it all go wrong? It really did seem like a good idea at the time I’m sure, but public transport is acting like a smelly child that just won’t go to the toilet. It just keeps hanging around, continually acquiring a greater hatred from it’s uses. You have to question is it just us or is public transport less than desirable on the continent as well? No don’t be silly, everything is always more desirable on the continent. I would pay £3.20 just to watch a continental bus, oh don’t ask!

Unfortunately you’re not off the hook yet, the rant continues, I know I amaze myself at times. It is deeper than just a poorly designed system that is the real problem. Public transport is the bane of commuters lives; Buses are delayed, trains are overpacked and overpriced and flying is way to extravagant. Attempting a trip into town at peak times has become a folly ambition, let alone commuting into London everyday, it’s pretty much perceived as suicide, talk about staring death in the face. Pubic transport just has that stigma about it nowadays, as a nation we are not proud of the national service, we even sold most of it. We approach it with an air of suspicion and a great wodge of lack of faith that it will succeed in its core mission to get us to our destination. But why and how did this travesty occur, where did it all go wrong?

Sadly, I don’t have the solution, because well I’m not a politician (my second attempt at a political gibe). However, like an annoying teacher’s pet I have introduced the question secretly so I can have a crack at it. Here goes, hold on to your expenses (third, and admittedly more horrific, political gibe if it can even be graced with that title). As I mentioned early we have no real faith in our public service and this could be the crux of the problem. Society needs to stop dodging the blame and take a long hard look at itself in the mirror, metaphorical of course, government could never commission a mirror to be made that big, silly idea really. Our lack of faith has physicalised into a lack of respect through mistreating our transport something chronic, the amount of rubbish you find on a bus has caused me to accidentally catch a ride on a dustbin truck by mistake. I joke. The poor treatment we dish out is reflected in the service we receive and in reality we probably get a good deal for our lack of care. So does the issue really lie with us?

Can we change our attitude and take a little pride in the service that has changed the world and moved forward our society in many ways; scientific, industrial, and economic to name a few. With a new mindset and respect we can impact the service we receive, so really we are our own downfall, but, only if we don’t take any care.

But I mean, what do I know I’m only a student really.

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On the Eleventh Day of Christmas…

What on earth can I write about?…I’m running out of ideas…(cue panic face) poor effort, I know, well here we go.

English: A Thanksgiving turkey that had been s...

A splendid roast

I realised now I’m older how much I’m looking forward to the food at Christmas time, oh I do love a good old roast! Great food, company and, well more food I suppose is something I simply can’t wait for. The fridge is jam-packed with food that is only ever consumed at this special time of the year. Random exciting objects appear in the cupboards to my delight!

This year I am determined to consume my own body weight in food….challenge accepted.

Now, this post was very short, but I want to encourage you all to take on my body weight food challenge…come on I know you want to!

And that ladies and gentlemen has been your daily fix of Christmas.

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On the Sixth Day of Christmas…

Christmas cards with angels, scandinavian “nis...

Christmas Cards

On the Sixth Day of Christmas my true love brought to me a Christmas card. Really? Oh don’t bother then.

Christmas cards, do you get all excited about sending them and post off thousands of cards to people you hardly ever speak to, or do you get all excited about receiving cards and never quite get round to sending any? I am in the second category. I never manage to actually send any of the damn things off. It has been known for me to write heaps of Christmas cards and forget to send any of them: fail. So now I’ve realised it’s cheaper and more environmentally friendly if I don’t even attempt to.

Don’t get me wrong I see the point in sending a card, to send a friend your best wishes at this festive time. But, is there any point? Cards are surely awful for the environment! I mean send them in the post, pop them up for a week or two and then in the bin, what a waste, of, well, card I suppose.

However, I must admit it is a lovely feeling collecting your post and realising, oh hello, what’s this? A handwritten card? Oo who could it be from? Ooh aren’t I loved? And with one card your day is transformed…ok maybe not transformed but, it puts a smile on your face for a minute, at least.

So, although I can’t be bothered to send any cards this year because I’m lazy, I do actively encourage you to send me loads!

And with that you have your daily fix of Christmas.


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Is it just me, or?


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Image via Wikipedia

Is it just me that watches a good film and suddenly feels like I live a pathetic life? Is it strange to want to change my life after 3hours of fiction?

I don’t know what it is or why it happens but if I watch a powerful film I feel the need to get up and do something meaningful with my life. It’s not like I’m unhappy with my life or achieve nothing. So why does this overpowering sense of regret fall over me when I realise I will never be the best at anything? I’m not looking for a sympathy vote at all, I promise.

Just take a moment to think of all the things you could have been great at but never tried or continued with enough passion. I mean by the age of about 10 months it was clear to see I was never going to be a ballet dancer which as it happens I’m not too bothered about. But a little later along the development line it was clear I would never be a professional football player or athlete which does sadden me! There is so much that is out of my reach, simply a closed door and I still have all of my adult life ahead of me.

The feeling of regret and lacking purpose is something that as I’ve said hits me hardest after a motivational film. I always think ‘if only I had tried harder or worked harder’. In reality how can we all be the best or there would be no best to be? If you follow.

What I’ve realised is that actually it doesn’t matter being the ‘best’ it’s being the best you can be which is important. The motivational feeling that swells up after a good film is one that I now love and get the feeling of ‘why not give it a go’. I suppose that’s why I’m writing a blog to a humble audience of very few but I’m enjoying it and relishing the challenge.

Have you ever thought that something as insignificant as a film could have sculpted who you are today?

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