How Much is a Degree Really Worth?

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As the Christmas break draws to an end I try to emotionally prepare myself for living without good food and clean clothes, if deposited at the right place, again: life’s hard as a student. The thought of returning to University dump those nervous butterflies into my stomach as I realise I have rather a lot of work to do and rather little time to complete it in, again, life’s hard as a student!

Meeting up with friends who also study at Uni’s all over the country made me realises how much I compare my experiences with theirs, in a slightly competitive manner, competitions good anyway, right? I mean it’s not like I’ve reduced them to a shivering wreck on the floor because I keep screaming ‘I win, I win.’ It’s not like that, I don’t, well, screaming has very negative connotations these days, unfairly negative! Anyway, hearing about everyone’s experiences got me thinking, yep dangerous stuff, how much is a degree really worth?

Maybe it’s something you can’t put a price on, but Universities are pretty quick to give it a go. My tuition fees are at the delightful total of £3,375 and for the amount of doors that a degree opens in life then maybe that’s a fair price, who can really say. However, it’s a lot of money to spend when there is no guarantee of a job at the end, especially in our slightly worse for wear economic climate.

Now, I must note that I love my university and I have learnt so much, not just academic knowledge but real life experiences, that I believe at the end of my three years I will be a much more rounded individual. Obviously, everyone has a certain allegiance to their own university and wants the best from it and for it, but I must say I sometimes wonder what my fees are actually being spent on. Unfortunately, it may not be anything that is advantageous to my learning experience.

A little too harsh? I’ll explain why I feel slightly aggrieved about the whole issue of paying thousands of pounds to learn independently for a few years. My main problem comes from the fact that I have a seminar leader who is scarcely older than me, and studying for a PhD. I fully sympathise that in his own private opinion his PhD is his priority, it would be for me, but paying as much as I do for my degree status I can’t help feel a little short changed. I want to be taught be men and women who are experienced in their field with a real desire to enthuse others, not by those who are taking the opportunity to achieve their doctorate status.

Am I just being a grumpy teenager? Or are we students being led a merry dance by Universities who sneakily abuse our desire for knowledge by taking a little too much and giving back not quite enough?

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10 thoughts on “How Much is a Degree Really Worth?

  1. Jean says:

    ” My tuition fees are at the delightful total of £3,375 and for the amount of doors that a degree opens in life then maybe that’s a fair price, who can really say. However, it’s a lot of money to spend when there is no guarantee of a job at the end, especially in our slightly worse for wear economic climate.”

    Your annual tuition fee isn’t too bad. What is harder is accommodation and food when living on one’s own.

    As for being taught by a doctoral student, I guess that’s the bane of some undergraduate courses. Just hope he’s a good instructor and knows his stuff for course delivery as well interacting well with his students.

    What is faculty are in you and major?

    You won’t regret it when you graduate…and several yrs. later know that it is a foundation to learn for

    My last degree (master’s ..was in 1983), so it’s been awhile. But very recently last year, I had to justify/explain my degree and its nature for a job qualification. It caused me to reflect which courses have armed me with foundational knowledge to build upon for the past 25 yrs.!

    I admire people my age who go back to university.

  2. WriteWriter says:

    Well with tuition fees in England going up to £9000 and the price for international students exceeding even this, I suppose it’s not too bad. The experiences I will have are definitely going to have a big impact on my life, no doubt.
    I studying English and Drama so my contact time is pretty low, which means my seminars and lectures are vital to understanding the course.
    I love Uni at the moment and I hope it will all pay off in the long run. I have a lot of respect for people who go back to education too, I’m not sure I would have the drive to do it!

  3. konica says:

    your posts are good but why dont you spice up your blogs appearance a bit.

  4. WriteWriter says:

    Thank you, ah yes a few more pictures wouldn’t do any harm! I’m using a new theme and at the moment just finding my way around it 🙂 You think more widgets?

  5. konica says:

    yes add some widgets, it’ll add some more beauty to your blog!

  6. WriteWriter says:

    I’m on a widget hunt right now!

  7. frey26 says:

    That’s an interesting thought. Sometimes I wonder the same thing. Since I’m not from EngIand I don’t know the situation on how vital it is to have a degree to get a good job there.

    I believe some jobs can actually be done without having to get a degree. It’s just that, it has become a competetyive world and evveryone seems to have a degree.

  8. danielsfunny says:

    Good post. I wouldn’t call my degree “useless” but it often feels like I paid too much to go into a field that has only a bit to do with my degree. But that’s only because my university didn’t have a major that included classes about writing Hulk Hogan jokes.

  9. Pie says:

    I’m glad you’re really enjoying your time at university. It should take the edge off that sting called university fee and student loan.

    I studied in the 80s at a time when we were afforded grants and didn’t have to repay the money. We just went out there and hoped to earn our fortune! According to the gloom and doom news, a degree is not worth the paper it’s written on in this economic climate. I’d ignore all that and go for it anyway. If you’re that focused and determined, you’ll get what you want. As for the PhD student barely older than you who’s your current tutor, I’d expect to be paid for helping him attain his doctorate!

  10. WriteWriter says:

    @dan I’d like to find a uni that specialised in hulk hogan jokes, however my uni is pretty good for stand-up 🙂
    A degree I’m sure will open so many doors later on in life so as they say present pain, future joy!

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