On the Second Day of Christmas…

That’s right today is the second day of posting in my Twelve Days of Christmas and I can literally hear the excitement from all you lovely readers. So today I’m keeping it Christmassy and what’s more Christmassy than snow? Probably a few things but forget that for a moment because first I’m going to update you all on the carol service I went to yesterday.

So as you may know, yesterday I went to Canterbury Cathedral Carol Service which was, lovely! Bit of a soppy word to use but the whole thing was well organised and well executed. The carols were brilliant, especially when accompanied by the organ and choir who were fantastic. Well, to tell you the truth I’m running out of decent adjectives to describe how good the service was! And yes, I am now feeling all Christmassy. So it really is true, going to a carol service gets you in the Christmas mood.

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Right, so I thought I would now move on to the very important topic of snow as mentioned before. Snow. Ah yes we all want a White Christmas don’t we? I’ve never experience a true white Christmas myself which does sadden me considerably. There is just something magical about when it starts to snow near Christmas, everyone suddenly falls in love and becomes incredibly friendly and humane and children play in the streets and…hang on, maybe that’s only in films….

When England has snow and this isn’t often but when it does the whole country draws to a standstill. No matter who you are nothing can be done when there is snow in England, we simply can’t function when that stuffs about. Delivery? Woah are you crazy? In this weather? I don’t think so! School? In this weather? Hell no! Public transpor….ok you get the picture.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that I love snow very much, I really do, and would love to finally have a White Christmas. But, and here’s the but. It would ruin everything, families would not be able to reunite due to the conditions, people would be stranded alone, the list continues. It’s not really a great image of Christmas, a time for family and celebration.

So I’m left with a dilemma; do I want snow or not this Christmas time? There are sacrifices both ways and as you can tell this is an incredibly important topic and no hasty decision can be made, so I’ll get back to you about it tomorrow.

This has been your daily fix of Christmas, let me know what you think. Ho Ho Ho…nah that just sounds creepy when you read it…

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One thought on “On the Second Day of Christmas…

  1. Jean says:

    Well, if you want to shovel snow. But hey, yes very true, snow transforms a dull place into magic temporarily.

    Yup, my blog has a few posts devoted snow fairyland snowshoeing trips in the mountains in British Columbia and Alberta. So we will be going to Lake Louise for a few days in January.

    Everyone should experience snow in big beautiful drifts (but no wind) in their lifetime. (And make the temperature is no colder than 5-10 degrees F below freezing. Otherwise it’s just too cold)

    I’m sure the carols inside Canterbury Cathedral were lovely. I love huge old cathedrals with wonderful stained glass. (Yea, I blogged about that art work too after vacationing in Germany and France.)

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