On the First Day of Christmas….

So here starts my Twelve Days of Christmas. No fear I won’t start a ridiculously repetitive song and make you sing along with me until we die of boredom or lack of breath. This post commences my own, personal Twelve Days of Christmas, which in it’s most boring form is a post a day for twelve days taking us up to Christmas day. Wow that was a lot of ‘days’. My posts, as you will hopefully discover, are Christmas related and although absolutely no planning has gone into this, I hope to have a concise Christmas theme to each post. In an ideal world these posts would bring festive joy and peace and love to the blogging world but let’s be honest that’s probably not going to happen. Right, heave ho’ off we go into a land of fun Christmas time, stuff….

Canterbury Cathedral

Image by webmink via Flickr

DAY ONE-Boom the need for capitals is debatable but I went there so, deal with it? Day one is today, the 12/12/11, ha look at that, this time next year it will be 12/12/12. Anyway…!

Today I hoped to begin feeling that Christmas vibe so I decided to listen to Rage Against the MachineKilling In The Name, yeah, it didn’t really help if I’m honest.

On a more serious note today I am hoping to get that Christmas feeling pumping through my body because, this evening I will be attending, brace yourselves, Canterbury Cathedral Carol Service. It is going to be brilliant! The Cathedral is beautiful without the addition of angelic voices and candles, that’s right candles and loads of them.

I’m pretty excited to go to such a historic building especially at this time of year. The Cathedral, as you can see from the picture, is a wonderful building especially at night. The heart of the city and a great landmark to start the celebration of Christmas. A good old carol service does wonders to get you in the Christmas mood. Well, I hope it does anyway. I will keep you informed as to whether it was successful in bringing out that Christmas joy in me or not tomorrow. So just another reason to be here tomorrow for the second post of Christmas.

And so this brings to a close my first post of the Twelve Days of Christmas, if you thought it was rubbish then I assure you it will get better and if you thought it was great then I can assure you it will get even greater! Merry Christmas.

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4 thoughts on “On the First Day of Christmas….

  1. tessf says:

    I just love how you guys across the pond say “briliant.” It’s so classy. Love this. Enjoy your concert!

  2. joejames93 says:

    haha I forget how much I say it! I did go through a phrase where I said ‘perfectly brilliant’ which seems ever so British. It’s weird because I mix it with Americanism like ‘for sure’ but that’s what’s great about language.
    Oh the carol service was amazing, really beautiful-one might say it was brilliant aha

  3. momfog says:

    The Canterbury Cathedral is beautiful. We don’t have architecture like that in the US. I imagine the carol service was gorgeous, as well. I am so jealous. I hope it got you in the Christmas spirit.

  4. joejames93 says:

    It really is, especially when on campus looking down onto the city at night when it is lit up, amazing stuff. It’s not too shabby inside either 😛
    Yeah I suppose not, but there is still some fantastic modern architecture like no where else in the US.
    I really did, can’t wait for Christmas now!

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