Racism, an ignorant man’s game

I feel slightly worried by the fact that so many people have a real hate when the topic of racism is raised. The subject is a taboo which is a worry itself. There seem to be a growing feeling of distrust towards other cultures and races in Britain which concerns me. I am in favour of our multicultural culture and proud of the fact that other races want to come to Britain. We should see it as an honour to welcome other cultures into our country not a chore.

As you will probably already know the YouTube sensation, for all the wrong reasons, My Tram Experience defined a growing racist mentality in Britain. For anyone who has not seen the video, it is a lady with a young child on a tram insulting all the people that she deems to be immigrants and non British. In fact many on the tram will be just as British as she believes herself to be. The lady adopts the viewpoint that if you are not white then you are not British and have no right in this country which is a complete travesty.

The fact that there are people in my country with that extreme racist belief is a shame but not uncommon in a country with a population of around 60million. There are going to be very diverse viewpoints however positive or negative they may be. But what worries me is that there seems to not only be a minority of pro-racists there seems to be a growing sense that it is acceptable and patriotic to adopt racist beliefs.

There have been more videos posted onto YouTube similar to ‘My Tram Experience’ but with different people in different situations out right verbally attacking those they believe are not British. In addition to this there are videos in support of the racist stance taken by these people which is awful. These videos give the impression that there is a large percentage of Britons who also feel threatened by other races in their country which I sincerely hope is not the case.

Why do I say that racism is an ignorant man’s game. Well I say this because people seem to use immigrants as a scapegoat for the problems in their country, whatever that may be at the time. We saw it in Germany in the 1930s under Hitler and we’ve seen it in most countries across history at one period of time or another. But in the 21st Century is it a valid excuse to blame immigrants and other races for the troubles we have all created? Quite frankly no it’s not. We are in a difficult economic position along with the rest of the world and cannot simply blame immigrants for ‘stealing our jobs’. For much of the time the immigrants are the only ones willing to do certain low paid jobs and should be credited for it. People are struggling economically which is not nice, but to blame a race or races is plain ignorance. The state must realise it has a role to play, it must educate its people. If everyone was slightly more informed about the problems the nation was dealing with there would be a much smaller percentage that adamantly believe that other races and cultures were to blame.

The Government also surely has to live up to the reality that we have a media that can portray news in a racist manner. The media have hyped up a belief that to be in the European Union is a negative thing for Britain, which is debatable at least, and have a tendency to support racist viewpoints. This, may I note, is not the media as a whole but certain newspapers who take a racist stance. This is not outright blatant racist abuse but subtle reports or stories which fuel the many lower-class racist readers. Please excuse my stereotype, but what can often happen is the readership of these papers have little interest in nitty gritty serious news. Therefore, their readers are inclined to misreport events with a racist viewpoint because of the media’s chosen negative racial facts or interviews on the chosen subject.

After a serious ramble I hope to have appeared P.C and still conveyed my message that racism most certainly is an ignorant man’s game and that there really is no excuse for it in today’s multicultural world. In the end we are all God‘s creation of human beings.

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6 thoughts on “Racism, an ignorant man’s game

  1. Stefan says:

    in Austria this development is quite similar, sadly :/

  2. joejames93 says:

    I didn’t know that. I only really know the situation in Britain but I’m sure it’s happening all over the world which is unnerving.

  3. Jean says:

    You know I could go on..but anyway.

    Before cycling bug bit me about 20 yrs. ago, I did volunteer work in race relations in Toronto for 5 yrs. for a national organization. I learned alot in terms of what it means to get involved in policy and program development with govn’t. Also there were young professionals very active and articulate. Just inspiring.

    Joe, for the sake of my loved ones, I will speak out to say:

    I have 7 nieces and nephews from 3 sisters. 4 of them are half Chinese, since sisters married Caucasian.

    My partner is German-Canadian. We’ve been together for nearly last 20 yrs. He’s been to Asia, I haven’t yet. I was born in Canada….and remain a proud Canadian, no matter what level of ignorance may exist in certain areas of our country.

    I just don’t know what to say against the mean-spirited racism. People have to move along into the 21st century and beyond.

    One just must live their lives with deepest conviction to share in community and outreach. For life.

  4. joejames93 says:

    @Jean I couldn’t agree more people must respect the fact that multiculturalism is an integral part of our world! You sound like you have a very cultured family which must be great. I’ve realised you can learn so much from other cultures and races. It should be an exciting idea to have a greater mixed culture not a scary thought-if only we all felt this way….

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