Snow? On MY Blog? Noooo

Sitting on my laptop at 23.05 and I feel the most inclined to start writing than I have all day. It’s ridiculous because I need an early night and a good sleep so I can finally get in a productive day’s work. So I’m thinking: do I write or do I night? Well, that makes no sense but you get the idea of me either writing or going to bed-not a very glamourous beginning I must admit.

I decided maybe sleep has won this battle as my eyes start to get gradually fuzzier, which in my books is never a good sign. So I just pop on to the wordpress forums and BAM! I find a thread about getting falling snow on your blog. Well hello. What a revelation that was. It woke me up and got me slightly too excited about the prospect of falling snow, even if not in reality.

So for anyone that wants to know it’s really simple to do-all you have to do is head over to your dashboard and then Settings, then choose General and at the bottom their is a tick box for having falling snow on your blog. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. That is about all I can say on the subject matter. WordPress you’ve pulled off a gooden’ there!

Well now as you can see I have snow on my blog which delights me greatly. This has really brought out my Christmas spirit just a tad. I say ‘a tad’ because I went to a Carol Service this evening at Uni and I loved it but, it all felt too early. I just don’t feel Christmassy guys. I sincerely hope I haven’t grow out of Christmas, that would be a bummer for sure. I’m hoping a little bit of time and with frequent visits to my own snowy blog page I’ll make it through this grim patch and surface with a Christmas spirit. Wish me luck….

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11 thoughts on “Snow? On MY Blog? Noooo

  1. Rob Rubin says:

    I can sympathize. I don’t get to start my writing until 9:00pm at the earliest and I’m always pulling all-nighters. Tough to come up with smart humor when you’re barely awake.

  2. joejames93 says:

    haha thank you, I have to admit I’m slightly obsessed with it! A potentially good excuse to keep visiting my own blog ha

  3. Team Oyeniyi says:

    Snow. I can’t get the snow thing – I’m in Australia! Beaches, folks, beaches are the way to go for summer!

  4. Haha..and there was me thinking I was the only one like me in the whole world…and then I find out, I’m not alone πŸ™‚

  5. joejames93 says:

    Oh I bet the weather in Australia is lovely at the moment and will be consistently better than in Britain all year round! Please tell me you’re having a barbie for Christmas dinner, that would make my, well year I suppose.

  6. Jean says:

    Sure I love the snow thing. It’s across 2 of my 3 blogs right now.

    And it really is snowing outside. Soft fluffy snow piling up, little wind. Yes, it is fairytale like, as long as it doesn’t get too cold!

  7. joejames93 says:

    @Jean Oh wow, I really hope I get a white Christmas- the chances are probably slim as England never wants to play ball when it comes to weather, but we’ll see! Blog snow will do for now anyway πŸ™‚

  8. frey26 says:

    Going to follow those instructions so I can get some of those snow too. πŸ™‚

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