Is it just me, or?


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Is it just me that watches a good film and suddenly feels like I live a pathetic life? Is it strange to want to change my life after 3hours of fiction?

I don’t know what it is or why it happens but if I watch a powerful film I feel the need to get up and do something meaningful with my life. It’s not like I’m unhappy with my life or achieve nothing. So why does this overpowering sense of regret fall over me when I realise I will never be the best at anything? I’m not looking for a sympathy vote at all, I promise.

Just take a moment to think of all the things you could have been great at but never tried or continued with enough passion. I mean by the age of about 10 months it was clear to see I was never going to be a ballet dancer which as it happens I’m not too bothered about. But a little later along the development line it was clear I would never be a professional football player or athlete which does sadden me! There is so much that is out of my reach, simply a closed door and I still have all of my adult life ahead of me.

The feeling of regret and lacking purpose is something that as I’ve said hits me hardest after a motivational film. I always think ‘if only I had tried harder or worked harder’. In reality how can we all be the best or there would be no best to be? If you follow.

What I’ve realised is that actually it doesn’t matter being the ‘best’ it’s being the best you can be which is important. The motivational feeling that swells up after a good film is one that I now love and get the feeling of ‘why not give it a go’. I suppose that’s why I’m writing a blog to a humble audience of very few but I’m enjoying it and relishing the challenge.

Have you ever thought that something as insignificant as a film could have sculpted who you are today?

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5 thoughts on “Is it just me, or?

  1. Vintage Moi says:

    *I suppose that’s why I’m writing a blog to a humble audience of very few but I’m enjoying it and relishing the challenge.*
    Enjoy your writing, because you are very good at it, I love your blog,and I agree with you on the English weather, it has been a pleasure to read and I will be coming back

  2. joejames93 says:

    Thank you so much-it really does mean a lot.
    Excuse me, I’m off to check out your blog 🙂

  3. Arjun Sharma says:

    hey..great post… i’d appreciate if u’d visit my blog as well. cheers 🙂

  4. Val says:

    Films don’t usually have that effect on me but some books do. One that I re-read from time to time is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and something in it frequently triggers things in me that have probably been fermenting and needed a push to come out.

    As for feelings of regret, it is something that occurs throughout life which, if one’s lucky, is long enough to contain much!

  5. joejames93 says:

    Ah yes I love a good book. I’ve not hear of The Alchemist I’ll be sure to check that out. My aim this summer was to read some modern classics which has been really enjoyable-at the moment I’m reading Catch 22 by Joseph Heller

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