If only Usain Bolt would actually race each race!

Usain Bolt after his victory and world record ...

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Usain Bolt-Man or Machine? I’d opt for machine to be honest. The World’s Fastest Man is not a title you earn everyday and for that he has my upmost admiration and jealously. In many ways the man is superb, his athletic ability is second to none. He simply left Walter Dix trailing in the 200m final in Daegu, and Dix is not an easy man to leave trailing.

I could sing Bolt’s praises nearly all day or in reality, all day. However, I find him utterly infuriating and not because he is outrageously confident and dare I say cocky, but because it appears he never really takes it seriously. He seems to commit halfheartedly too often. I have to admit he did fight hard in the 200m final and show a glimpse of what he is capable of. But for me it seems as though nearly every race Bolt adopts a tauntingly relaxed finish and acknowledges the crowd more than the job at hand. Other athletes push themselves to the very last millisecond just to be rubbished by an eased up Bolt. If I was his coach, thank heavens I’m not, I would be driven mad by the man. Surely every coach wants their athlete to continue to improve and break every damn record in the book! Bolt could but he seems to care less about finishing with determination than in style, and I’ll grant him that, he certainly does.

Does Bolt fear showing the world his limit? Does he purposely not fight hard to the end in every race so to not lose the illusion of his ability? I would probably have to say no and it is just that the man has a sensible tactic-That he can win the race in the first 100m allowing himself to remain fresh for the all important final. My metaphorical hat is taken off to him.

I do wish, however, that Bolt would be at his leg burstingly, temple vain popingly, teeth clenchly, brilliant best every race. I know, I know, wishes never come true!

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2 thoughts on “If only Usain Bolt would actually race each race!

  1. Anna says:

    Metaphorical hats are the best kind.
    Also, this is a great entry 😀

  2. joejames93 says:

    haha they are indeed!
    Thanks for the review and comment, means a lot.

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